Unplug time!

Do you have a charger? Plug me in.

Ironically writing this at 7:40am on a Saturday morning (never have I ever) and my child, sound asleep. (Silent clap) What am I doing up you say? For one, writing content as soon as it comes to me instead of adding it to the stack on my to-do list and secondly, peeing. Because I forgot. Then had to put baby to sleep.. and then baby took long to fall asleep… and then baby finally fell asleep… anddd I couldn’t get up.

I will be in my terms “hammering the screw” today. What is that you ask? You hammer a nail and drive a screw? Or is it screwdrive a screw? Or… anyways. I’ll be sleeping and pretty much doing lots of nothing today because it’s been a long week. It’s crazy to think how many people undermine and underestimate what a mom actually does. Even if you’re a stay at home mom. Kudos to my working mamas too! You are the real MVP.

No but honestly, it’s been a long week. Baby Lexi gave me 3 tough nights to go to sleep. She’s usually pretty laidback about it. (See what I did there?) Last night specifically was a little more melodramatic. She winded down a bit with the basics but NOTHING was drooping those eye lids. Almost like she knew it was Friday. She started fussing and fighting it so I decide to let me give her a moment and I went to the kitchen to make hubs something to eat. I’ll eat later I said, I made the executive decision to shower instead of eat, for now as we all like to say. As I’m showering I can hear the tantrum vocals gear up and echo in my ear. No rush this time, let her tire a little. Now, although I had to keep my head in the game and just. keep. showering. I was completely fighting a small panic just hearing her. After six whole minutes I get out and in my towel end up putting her to sleep in five minutes! FIVE. Put her down and not even a flinch. So we cuddled all night. Why couldn’t Dad do that? The million dollar question. Much love. And respect. And kudos to all my dads out there too but damn… Mom for the win. Screw wearing different hats. We wear a cape. It’s so exhausting yet so forgiving.

It’s also the second time this week we sleep without a bedsheet. Don’t even guess, if you’re reading this, you know. And yes there’s a pile of laundry to be done which I’m avoiding. And so what if I used my spoon from last night to mix my milk and coffee this morning two uses makes it worth washing. Sometimes I’ll even use it again. Sometimes I leave the socks on the floor and the clothes ‘to be’ hung up and the floor a little less clean for some character and a chance to maybe even wash my hair today. The box in the mail I was so anxiously awaiting is now opened and sitting in the living room. Still. My car needs a wash because it looks like two toddler boys bounced off walls in there two weeks ago, and they did. But to sit and wait 30-45 minutes out of comfort zone with a four month old; yeah, let me take out the stroller, diaper bag, (lost and found dirty diaper, I’ll take that, where’s your garbage?) and just when you sit to think “okay we could do this, it’s JUST thirty minutes…” there’s a trumpet solo coming from that little girls diaper. It’ll be quick they said. No thanks! Andddd I’ll just take this baby wipe right here and wipe on, wipe off my dashboard.

Yes I’m usually feeling very Mary poppins, Mrs Doubtfire or some time of efficient and proactive type of Mom of the day. But today? I’m just going to hammer the screw and jump back into bed. Babe works bell to bell today and couldn’t find his keys this morning. I managed to wake up and mumble “check on the side of the passenger door in my car.” “Did you find them?” “Yessss.” And boom, just like that I completed my purpose for today. Back to that cozy little spot with my little, it’s a gloomy day anyways.

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  1. This was amazing. Seriously. I thought I was the only one experiencing actual dirty floors (definitely adds character to our apartment). All types of moms are super moms; working and SAHM. I keep hearing that a messy home means a happy baby. 😅

    1. I’m just super anal about clutter but the floor I let ride without pressure sometimes I mean a little dirt builds immunity right? LOL! A messy home sometimes really just means you got a lot of other shit to do. The only Mom that is not a super mom is the one that has not become one just yet. Feel me? Thanks for reading!

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