I have tried many things to soothe baby. As an exclusive breastfeeding mama, I was in denial of a pacifier and although I eventually gave in and so did she, it was short lived. Deep down inside I felt that it would influence nipple confusion but let me tell you, it won’t. Nothing like the source of food. It’s pretty normal to give a pacifier as it was first discovered to imitate the breast as an alternative soother. My baby still looks for me and my boob to sooth which is also okay.

Eventually on the brinks of the pacifier we adopted a cuddly plush animal with instead of a blanket attached it has a flat body. Although I think any plush animal may work. They just have to hold it a few times whilst in the soothing moment and a little baby drool here and there to initiate ownership. Mom smell also helps.

But then, the most revolutionizing thing came along for me in this #motherhood journey… #babywearing! I loved the idea and always saw this as a natural way to bond with baby and to also be hands free. And all that it was and more. As I was researching baby carriers to put on my registry I came across a handful of great options but the one that caught my eye was the K’tan. It was just so practical and I could already see myself using it on a daily basis. There was no need to lay on the floor and fold here and wrap there and in the loop and out the other. There was no heavy weight strap with buttons of security everywhere either. There was just a simple loop in the back that helps distribute baby weight as they grow (makes sense), two big loops already to put over head one way, over head other way and slide baby in (makes sense), are we done here? Yup. Easy freaking peasy.

The best part about it, you can nurse baby in it. I mean not only is babywearing a great way to bond but it allows you to tote around hands free around the house to still be able to get the dishes done, my hair for once, and laundry too. Grocery shopping became a breeze. Sometimes I even get a workout in with this bad boy. Plenty of activities can be done with this and it keeps the baby close and safe. It’s suppose to simulate the womb so it will feel snug and that’s good for them, it fulfills their need for security. Most of the time I find my baby sleeping longer when I’m wearing her too. Why? Because they’re tight which helps their reflex, can hear your heart beat and smell you. Super win/win/win.

I do have another carrier for dad as it’s easier for him and others to bond and tote with baby. But, I swear by my choice to all my friends and now to you. No hurt in trying that’s for sure and nothing wrong with a little return policy if you choose otherwise. I swear by it and my friends? They trust me.

Click on picture link to get some more info and begin your #babywearing.


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